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Dear PlayStation Plus, YOU SUCK!

by Alejandro Serrano Durán

Last week was a very long one. Work, work, work and no play makes me a dull boy.

Finally, Friday arrived and my expectative were high, wishing to play some Overwatch and a couple of hours of Horizon Zero Dawn.

I remembered I had a game-date with some friends to play one of the firsts raids of Destiny on Saturday night, but, since I didn’t have the game on my console, I proceeded to download it first.

Library > Purchased > Destiny > Download

Processing download….


A thunder cracked the skies and suddenly, a power surge restarted my PS4, my TV and my sound system.


Checking integrity of the console… 1% 5% 10% 15% 20% a long wait… 25% … 27% an eternal wait…


Sure, no problem… uh oh… WHAT ABOUT MY P.T???????

While downloading the large version of the system (800+ Mb), I checked the last backup I made in February when changed the 500 Gb hard drive for a 2 Tb one.



And my saved games?

I’ve been paying PS Plus since forever, so, no problem!

I shut down the PS4, connected the USB drive, pressed the power button for a few seconds, grabbed some snacks and armed myself with a lot of patience because this was going to take some time.

I watched (snored) an episode of Iron Fist, woke, changed to HDMI 1 and VOILÁ, everything seemed fine.

Just a quick password input to know that I am the owner of the account…

Well, no Overwatch for you, I screamed internally! But, let’s go and explore that final Cauldron in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Oh, what a magnificent game! Aloy and his pursue to know who really she is, that beautiful map in which I explore everything and get EVERY vantage point, Banuk figure, ancient vase, and flower metals.

I explored Psi, Sigma, Rho and Xi cauldrons and I was heading to Zeta.

I have no other bandits camps to conquer or Tallnecks to climb. I even I forgive Nil’s live, catch the fruit thief, found the noble guy daughter and many, many others.

I was on level 37 and I never went to Meridian, I was powerful, with enviable weapons set and a full game ahead to enjoy.

Life was good (at least Aloy’s life).

Well, let’s download the HZD save game from the cloud.

Wait a minute…

Where is it?

Where did it go?

Let’s check again!



No, this can’t be happening to me!


Let’s check again the uploading settings of PS Plus…

It uploads the files when the PS4 goes into rest mode.

I been playing this game for more than three weeks.

More than 50 hours of gameplay.

I charged one of my controllers on rest mode last weekend to play Overwatch without it going off in the middle of a match.



My progress in the game was 38% I had a lot of trophies and I had to start the game AGAIN, just because… FUCK ME?

PS Plus

I haven’t go to Meridian, but I cleaned all the Bandit Camps. ¿Do I have to do everything again?

I have to say, this game is beautiful, a serious contender for GOTY (with nothing to do against Breath of the Wild), BUT I DON’T WANT TO DO EVERYTHING AGAIN!

I really love Aloy, I was thinking in buying the book with the art and the prima guide of the game, but now… HOW ABOUT NO!?

My Aloy reached level 37 with level 12 missions ahead. SHE WAS A GODDESS AND YOU KILL HER!


Let me be honest with you, people of Sony…

A friend reminded me the way you updated and uploaded stuff in the PS3. You allowed to us choose an hour to do this, the console would turn on automatically and magic happened!

Make this happen again. Come on guys, it’s the easy way.


PS Plus Suck

In case you wonder how I have my automatic upload settings…

You failed me, PS Plus. You failed me, Sony.

You failed me and this is not the first time you do it (I bought my PS Vita on pre-order because your ads make it look so OSOM).

I know I’m a single voice in a shallow ocean of complaints, but hey, you ruined for me the most perfect game of this year for your console.

And you need to fix it, ASAP.

Sincerely yours,


P.S: I haven’t checked for my The Last Guardian, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Titanfall 2 save games yet and I hope not find any more surprises…

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